Socks factory “Ključ” is among the most significant factories  which contributed to wonderful historical pages of not only Sarajevo’s development, but development of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well.

Established in 1896, factory “Ključ” never changed its primary activity, and from its very beginning until today, it deals exclusively with socks production. Even though obstructed by three wars (1st World War, 2nd World War, War in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992-1995), factory “Ključ” still had impressive upward development trend line which was visible in increase of production capacities, work performance, enlarging both domestic and regional market share.

Before the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Ključ” factory managed to produce 23 million socks pairs annually. After the war, company consolidated its destroyed
capacities and modernized its machinery for production which enabled it to utilize maximum out of 50 000 squared meters capacity and produce 27 million socks pairs annually.

Speaking of product assortment, “Ključ” factory is one of the most comprehensive socks producer in the region of entire former Yugoslavia.